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The Best of EMCORE Conferences Part I

Emcore Queensland - Emergency Medicine Conferences

The EMCORE Conferences have been delivering Emergency Medicine Education since 2010. Since then,we have been in Australia, Europe, the UK, Asia, The Pacific region, and New Zealand. been attended by thousands of Doctors, Nurses and Paramedics.  Our Vision has been to Improve patient care and job satisfaction through delivering the latest knowledge to our attendees. Our Mission has simply been to teach, and to make the teaching enjoyable.

Here we bring you 18 lectures in the first part of the BEST of EMCORE. Please enjoy.

  1. REBOA in OHCA By Dr Malcolm Tunnicliff
  2. Volume vs Pressure Ventilation By Dr James Edwards
  3. Traumatic Cardiac Arrest By Dr Ed Bernard
  4. Quality and Safety Indicators May be Harmful. By  Dr Stephen Gourley
  5. Ultrasound and Chest Pain in the ED. By Dr Hansel Addae
  6. Artificial Intelligence In Head Trauma. By Prof Paul Middleton
  7. Pregnancy and Trauma By Dr Peter Kas
  8. Catastrophic Chest Pain By Prof Joe Nameth
  9. Clearing the Patient with Suicidal Ideation By Prof Chris Stapleberg and Dr Peter Kas
  10. Building/Optimising a great Team By Dr Shahina Braganza and Dr Luke Lawton
  11. SCAD By Dr Peter Kas
  12. Fluid Resuscitation in the ED By Prof Tim Harris
  13. Acute Abdominal Pain in Kids By Dr Claire Wilkin-Marshall
  14. Beware the Pericardial Effusion. By Dr Hansel Addae
  15. Bariatric Surgical Emergencies. By Dr Ryan Windish
  16. Avoiding the Needle in the Agitated Patient By Dr Andrew Perry
  17. You May Not Be The Leader, But You Can Always Behave As A Leader By Dr dr Sam Bendall
  18. Why are we still doing FAST, log-roll and PR?
Enrolled: 50 students
Lectures: 18