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About us

What We Believe In And Who We Are

What We Believe In

Emergency Medicine Core Knowledge. It’s about giving you the latest, evidence based, practical knowledge, that you can apply immediately. We deliver immersion into emergency medicine and give you sharp 10 – 20 minute lectures, full of what you need to know and use daily. Our aim is interaction and so we set up interactive case discussions as part of each conference, because things in real clinical practice aren’t always easy.

Emergency Medicine is a huge field and we aim to make it simpler, by doing the work for you, pulling it apart and giving you what there is to know, in an environment that is fun, and full of surprises. We cover the big stuff: TRAUMA, RESUSCITATION, PAEDIATRICS, NEUROLOGY, TOX, CARDIOLOGY, RESPIRATORY, SURGERY ….and MORE!. We also cover all the new and emerging information in the field. Do you want to know about apnoeic oxygenation, or delayed sequence intubation, or do you want to know about the HEART score, so you can clear chest pain patients quickly, or simply want to know how to read a CTPA, or locate a lesion in the neurological patient, by their symptoms? Do you want to lead resuscitations and know exactly what works? We will have this for you and more. If you want to have information quickly at your fingertips, this is the conference for you…. EMCORE

As Convenor of the conference,

I welcome you to the EMCORE experience, one that you will remember for long after the conference, tell your friends about and we hope, be inspired and motivated by, to learn even more! Our faculty of Emergency Physicians love to teach and enjoy giving you all that you need to know and then a little more.

The Knowledge You Take Into Your Shift DOES Matter!

Associate Professor Peter KasMBBS MArch BArch FACEM

Our Core Team

We invite speakers from all over the world and especially highlight local speakers from every country we travel to.

Dr Peter Kas

Dr Will Davies

Dr Luke Lawton

Dr Adam Michael

Dr Claire Wilkin-Marshall

Event Organisers

This are the team leaders that actually makes it happen

Ben Sciberas

Events Director

Sophia Kas

Event Lead

Nicole Brady

VA to Dr Kas

Inspirational Team Delivering Education

These are just some of the incredible teachers, who have delivered world class lectures recently. We hope to see them on stage in the near future.

Prof Louise Cullen

Dr Graham Ireland

Dr James Edwards

Prof Gerben Keijzers

Dr Hansel Addae

Dr Andrew Perry

Dr Una Harrington

Dr Shahina Braganza

Dr Christa Bell

Dr Ryan Windish