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Terms and Conditions

Outstanding EMCORE Conference Experience

By accepting these terms and conditions, it means you have read and understood and agreed with these conditions. Emcore provides education in the form of conferences. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure they choose the correct product.

In the case of a conference product being purchased and the purchaser cannot attend, a credit may be permitted and is at the discretion of the EMCORE Executive, for that workshop or conference, so that the purchaser can attend a future workshop. All purchases are final and it is the purchaser’s responsibility to be able to attend.

There will be no refunds offered, unless a conference is cancelled(see below).

Emcore reserves the right to cancel a workshop or conference, or any part of a conference. In the case where Emcore cancels a workshop or conference and does not offer this again within 12 months, a full refund of the workshop fees paid will be made to the purchaser. In the case where a conference is postponed ie., date changed, a credit will be given for that conference, or at the discretion of the EMCORE executive, a credit may be given for any other conference in the next 12 months. If for any reason delegates wish to cancel their registration(this includes restrictions due to COVID), they can use their full amount as credit towards another conference within the next 12 months. If a full refund is sought, it will only be given at the discretion of EMCORE Executive. If such a refund is decided, it will have a fee deducted that equals the amount paid for an average delegate’s costs at the venue and for other services resulting in preparing the conference. This fee will be a flat fee of $800 for Australian conferences and $1200 for conferences outside Australia,

If a conference is cancelled or postponed, in no way and under no circumstances, will Emcore be held responsible in any way for any travel expenses, accommodation, expenses, other expenses, or any loss of income, or any other losses, of any type or description, incurred by the purchaser.

Emcore can change the dates of any of it’s conferences and will not be held liable in any way for any loss, or in any other way, as long as changes are made greater than one month before the date of that conference.

Not all EMCORE Conferences are recorded and there is no expectation that a conference will be recorded. In cases where a conference is recorded, the registrant will have access to those videos on the website, following the conference.

All CPD points offered are stated on the relevant event pages. If no CPD points are stated, then none are on offer.

Emcore reserves the right to remove any subscriber from our email list.

Purchasing a product implies that you have read and understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions above.